Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Forsker: Religion øker sannsynligheten for vold

I følge Brad Bushman ved University of Michigan gjør troen på at Gud befaler vold det mer sannsynlig at man utøver vold:

God Is on Our Side. Does That Mean War?
"New Research Shows How Religion Is Used to Justify Violence"

Does believing that "God is on our side" make it easier for us to inflict pain and suffering on those perceived to be our enemies? If we think God sanctions violence, are we more likely to engage in violent acts?

The answer to both those questions, according to new research, is a resounding "yes," even among those who do not consider themselves believers.

Artikkelen konkluderer igjen med:

Yet his own research shows that whether people consider themselves believers or not, they are more likely to be aggressive, perhaps even willing to start a war, if they think God is on their side.


At 04 November, 2008 09:11, Anonymous tankekorset said...

Vel..dette forutsetter i så fall at man tror på en Gud som mener at vold kan være ok.


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